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ALMCO Ayurvedic Village


The village in accordance with principles of Ayurveda  (wisdom  of life), ayur=life ved=wisdom will be established in Coimbatore - Pollachi highway, just 30kms from the airport in a place called Kenathukadavu.

The project will enhance longevity for body, mind & soul with age old wisdom of setting up villages of the past. So the village will have a unique learning centre which includes linguistic studies of our ancient classical languages such as Tamil Brahmi & Sanskrit.

Further the living style of the village & development of infrastructures will be in line with the Ayurvedic principles. This is to have meditative atmosphere all over the village.

As part of the village habitat, every kind of domestic animals will be accommodated. The village will be spacious enough for the people and other habitats to move around without any intervention & trespassing with modern diesel powered machines such as motor bike & car. So the living structures will be constructed as in our slide presentation & in accordance with Laurie Baker style of architecture. Most importantly, the village will have Ayurvedic treatment centre & Ayurvedic wellness spa to cure & prevent diseases. Further various kinds of regeneration & after surgery ailment treatments will be given in the village.